#Conclave45 Agenda

l-to-r Jeff Wright, Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications and Max Kachinske

Tues. June 20th, 2023

Afternoon workshops will be held, followed by the #Conclave45 Welcome
Stand by for details.

Wed. June 21st, 2023

Keynote: Ask Me ‘Almost’ Anything

After a three-year hiatus, The Conclave returns!
So, what have we learned in the past three years, what is the industry doing
Here’s your opportunity to ask questions of industry leaders you may not
have access to. 
It’s a rare chance to hear from and be heard.

Justin Chase, Beasley Media Group
Gordy Rush, Guaranty Media

Jim Ryan, Audacy
John Zimmer, Zimmer Communications
And more to be announced…

Justin Chase

Gordy Rush

Jim Ryan

John Zimmer

Learn How to Make Local Matter

Local radio doesn’t automatically mean better radio if you’re not maximizing
Uncover new ways to leverage local that resonates with the community.

Meg Dowdy, Townsquare
Michael Powell, Radio One
Michelle Southern, Guaranty Media
Tony Lorino, Throwback Nation Radio

John Zellner, iHeart: Moderator

And more to be announced…

Meg Dowdy

Michael Powell

Michelle Southern

Tony Lorino

John Zellner

As Social Media Evolves, So Should Our Approach

Each platform has its own agenda (that changes often). And because of
what each platform prioritizes – how people consume content then changes.
Listen and learn from those who can show you how to roll with those
changes without stressing out about it.

Jodi from The Murphy, Sam & Jodi Show
B-Dub, B-Dub Radio!
And more to be announced…



Fred and Paul Jacobs Return!

One of the most anticipated sessions each year: Fred & Paul discuss key
factors driving change with media consumption and providing actionable
takeaways to help you grow in 2023 and beyond.

Fred and Paul Jacobs


The Conclave Luncheon will present the prestigious “Rockwell Award” along with The Conclave Radio Awards!
The Conclave Radio Awards is a way to pause and take time to showcase the dedication and care stations put into their communities.
Division President, iHeartMedia Multiplatform Group and Conclave Board Member, Tony Coles states: “No one has the ability to respond, rally, and resonate, the way local radio does every day.”
The Conclave Radio Awards will recognize the contributions set by an individual and Large, Medium, and Small Markets, plus The Conclave will honor the “Iconic Station of The Year.”

Lessons In Leadership & Life From The Late Duke Wright

Jeff McCarthy, SVP/Programming, and Jeff Wright, Chief Sales Officer of
Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications, share 10 lessons you can take
back and implement to make your culture and career an even greater one.

Jeff McCarthy

Jeff Wright

Programmers, You Don’t Have To “Love Sales” But You Need To Understand The Interdependency 

Good programmers drive ratings; great programmers drive revenue.
We’ll take a look at some innovative examples of sales and programming
departments working together to create big wins.

James Derby, Federated Media
Carla Leible, Zimmer Communications
Leigh McNabb, DM Radio Group

Tony Coles, iHeart: Moderator
And more to be announced…

James Derby

Carla Lieble

Leigh McNabb

Tony Coles

Fast, Free Marketing Strategies That Really Work!

Just kidding! There’s no such thing. But we’ll dissect digital and other
opportunities for branding and figure out why they work.

Paige Nienaber, CPR
Jennifer Williams, Beasley Media Group

Joel Denver, All Access Media Group
And more to be announced…

Paige Nienaber

Jennifer Williams

Joel Denver

Talent Coaching: 10 Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

Sometimes it’s not what you need to start doing; sometimes it’s what you
need to STOP doing. We’ll look at the most common mistakes radio
programmers make when coaching talent, and show you how you can get
better so they get better.

Keith Dakin, Connoisseur Media
Sarah Lee, WKKT/Charlotte
Natalie Randall, Steel City Media KCKC
Rob Wagman, Straight Path Media
Steve Wexler, WEXL Coaching & Development LLC

Keith Dakin

Sarah Lee

Natalie Randall

Rob Wagman

Steve Wexler

** Before You Go! You’re Not Alone!**

After a three-year hiatus, The Conclave is back with two main goals: champion radio and remind everyone they are not in this alone.
And The Conclave board has created a meaningful final moment of the day. 
We’ll end with an exercise that ensures everyone leaves with either a new contact or a new friend.
It’s called, “Before You Go.”