Letter from the Chair

In 2015, when the Conclave board invited me to Chair this heritage event, I knew my work would be to continue Conclave’s legacy as a champion for the radio industry and for everyone who works every day to keep our brands in the hearts and the (mobile) hands of the fans.

The mission would be (and remains) to offer access to decision-makers as well as colleagues within the industry.

Success is not a solo process.

We need to take care of one another and having this type of access to ask questions and seek advice is one of the best ways to grow.

I love that Conclave has become this intimate, cool, radio-type summer camp.

Getting away from the office and/or control room to do a refine and reset is not only important for the long-term health of our brands, but for our own health, too.

Let us always celebrate our industry!

Lori Lewis
Founder, Lori Lewis Media