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About Conclave Scholarships

Since 1979, the non-profit Conclave - in keeping with its mission of educating the broadcast industry - has been awarding scholarships to deserving students desiring an education inside the radio and music industries. The Conclave has announced its 2013 scholarship application drive for the Radio Industry broadcast scholarships to attend Brown College /Minneapolis (The Dennis Becker Memorial Scholarship), Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts/Southfield, MI (The Bill Gavin Memorial Scholarship), and a Music Business Scholarship to McNally-Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. Once again, the Doug Lee Memorial Scholarship will be awarded (with thanks to Conclave partner dmr/Direct Marketing Results, who has graciously underwritten this scholarship). The Conclave awards the Marc Birger Memorial Scholarship, worth $1000, to a deserving student of communications at Kean University (Marc's alma mater).  Applications for 2013 scholarships are now available by clicking on the link below.

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About The Conclave Rockwell Award

The Rockwell Award is the Conclave’s highest honor. It is a tribute to those who have contributed to the industry through example and inspiration. It is presented to those who have achieved personal goals while guiding others to their highest level of attainment. The Rockwell Award is the Conclave’s only lifetime achievement recognition.

The Rockwell Award was created in 1989 as a tribute to longtime Conclave Board member and Wisconsin radio owner/operator/morning man, Mike Rockwell. Honoring individuals who have contributed to the industry as mentors, benefactors, and friends, the Rockwell Award is presented annually to deserving individuals as selected by the Conclave’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

The Rockwell Award has been presented to broadcasters and industry veterans such as esteemed North Dakota Broadcaster Dan Brannan (1989), Conclave founder Doug Lee & renowned Iowa Broadcaster Peter McLane (1990), celebrated Wisconsin Broadcaster Jonathan Little (1991), legendary Air Talent Charlie Bush (1992), Record Industry icons Charlie Minor & Joe Ianello (1993), prominent Minneapolis Radio Executive Tac Hammer (1994), small-market advocate and Group Owner Dean Sorenson (1995), well-spoken Radio Executive David Martin (1996), respected radio man/journalist, Gavin’s Ron Fell (1997), innovative Broadcast Executive Larry Bentson (1998), illustrious Programmer/Morning Man Bob Beck & Legendary Rock Programmer Doug Sorensen (1999), Midwest-programmer-turned-Emmis President Rick Cummings (2000), Radio’s Best Friend Art Vuolo, Jr. (2001), Detroit Legend/Specs Howard Spokesperson Dick Kernen & long-time Brown College Administrator/Teacher Mike Kronforst (2002), revered Broadcaster/Record Executive Steve Ellis, All Access Founder Joel Denver (2003), trendsetting Consultant Mike McVay & pioneering Programmer Al Casey (2004), Radio Legend/Record Executive Dave “Duke” Sholin (2005), Radio industry icon Rob Sisco (2006), Radio & Records publisher Erica Farber (2007), Envision Radio CEO - and former Chairman of the Conclave Board - Danno Wolkoff (2008), Saga Communications SVP Steve Goldstein and Consultant Kipper McGee (2009), Author/consultant Valerie Geller (2010), CBS Radio President Dan Mason & Legendary programmer Steve Rivers (2011) and Jacobs Media CEO Fred Jacobs & Mediabase founder Rich Meyer (2012)!

Bob Shannon, Executive Director of the Conclave, comments, “The Rockwell Award is recognizes those who have contributed to the rich legacy of the radio industry, communicating, inspiring and mentoring. Both Fred and Rich epitomize those contributionsl!”

The Conclave Learning Conference is proud to announce its 2013 Rockwell Award Recipients: Country Consultant Jaye Albright and Conclave Executive Director Emeritus, Tom Kay.

In making the announcement, Conclave Executive Director Bob Shannon commented, “Jaye Albright represents the best broadcasting has to offer.  Always a student of radio, she’s also one of our best teachers and her influence on country radio is unmatched.”

“As I think about the past Rockwell honorees, and how much I respect what each of them has given to our business over many, many years, I remain a bit stunned that The Conclave feels that I belong among them,” said Albright.  “I'm humbled, surprised, flattered and honored.”   

A partner at Albright & O’Malley & Brenner, Albright was inducted into the Country Radio Hall Of Fame in 2008 and named one of the Most Influential Women in Radio in 2012.  Her career highlights include: President/Country for McVay Media, Vice President/Country – Burkhart/Douglas, General Manager – BP Consulting Group and Director of Country Programming – Jacor/Clear Channel Communications. Albright’s consulting career began in 1981, when she was invited to join Drake-Chenault Enterprises.

Commenting Tom Kay's receipt of the Rockwell, Shannon put it simply: “This is recognition for a job well done.  If it weren’t for Tom, the Conclave wouldn’t exist today. Giving him the Rockwell Award makes all the sense in the world. I can’t tell you how pleased I am.”

"I am deeply honored to become an honoree with my mentor, Doug Lee, and with the dozens of others who have been recognized with this most special award through the years; especially my co-recipient this year, Jaye Albright! To be considered in the same breath as these wonderful contributors to the Conclave and to the industry is most humbling."

Kay, who was inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2011, began his association with the Conclave in 1976, when, as Program Director of WJON/St. Cloud (MN), he became part of the organization's first Advisory Board. He joined Doug Lee Midwest Promotion in 1979, and founded Main Street Marketing & Promotion in 1986.  In 1985, when the Conclave became a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, its Board of Directors named Kay as its first Executive Director, a post he held until his retirement in December 2012.



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