Rockwell Award Recipients

Meet Those Honored With The Rockwell Award

The Rockwell Award recognizes individuals who have contributed to the industry as an inspirational leader, and a person of great accomplishment. The recipient has made lasting and significant contributions within radio, and also to the public radio serves.


Past Rockwell Award recipients:

North Dakota Broadcaster Dan Brannan (1989)

Conclave founder Doug Lee & Iowa Broadcaster Peter McLane (1990)

Wisconsin Broadcaster Jonathan Little (1991)

Air Talent Charlie Bush (1992)

Record Industry icons Charlie Minor & Joe Ianello (1993)

Minneapolis Radio Executive Tac Hammer (1994)

Small-market advocate and Group Owner Dean Sorenson (1995)

Radio Executive David Martin (1996)

Gavin’s Ron Fell (1997)

Broadcast Executive Larry Bentson (1998)

Programmer/Morning Man Bob Beck & Rock Programmer Doug Sorensen (1999)

Emmis President Rick Cummings (2000)

Radio’s “Best Friend” Art Vuolo, Jr. (2001)

Specs Howard Dick Kernen & Brown College Mike Kronforst (2002)

All President/Publisher Joel Denver & Broadcaster/Record Executive Steve Ellis (2003)

Cumulus Senior Programmer Mike McVay & Programmer Al Casey (2004)

Radio/Record Executive Dave “Duke” Sholin (2005)

Broadcast Executive Rob Sisco (2006)

Radio Advertising Bureau’s President, Erica Farber (2007)

Envision Radio/CEO Danno Wolkoff (2008)

Programmer Steve Goldstein and Consultant Kipper McGee (2009)

Author/Consultant Valerie Geller (2010)

(former) CBS Radio President Dan Mason & Legendary Programmer Steve Rivers (2011)

Jacobs Media/President Fred Jacobs & Mediabase Founder Rich Meyer (2012)

Albright, O’Malley & Brenner/President Jaye Albright & Conclave Exec. Dir. Emeritus, Tom Kay (2013)

Hubbard/CEO Ginny Morris (2014)

NRG Media Pres. / CEO Mary Quass & Founder, Vallie, Richards, Donovan Consulting and The National Radio Talent System, Dan Vallie (2015)

Midwest Communications President & CEO, Duke Wright (2016)

AccuRadio COO/Chairman, John Gehron (2017)


The Rockwell Award was created in 1989 as a tribute to longtime Conclave Board member and Wisconsin radio owner/operator/morning man, Mike Rockwell.