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Conclave 41 Sessions:  


Panelists: Fisher, Cox Media Group Technologies & Christina Madson, Cumulus/Minneapolis

Moderator: J. Pat Miller, Scripps/Milwaukee

Sponsor: SoCast

Part I discusses where you start planning your digital strategy

In Part II, the panel discusses when you should bring sales into the digital picture.

In Part III, the panel takes questions from Conclave 41 attendees.


Speaker: MIchael Brandvold, CEO/Michael Brandvold Marketing

In this segment from Conclave 41 in 2016, Michael suggests that you first know your limits and know your audience.

In Part II of our panel on Social Media at Conclave 41, Michael Brandvold talks about recognizing your followers/fans and how to get them to engage with you so more people see your posts.

In Part III of our session on Social Media at Conclave 41, Michael Brandvold gives tips on what you should be posting.

In the final segment from the Social Media session at Conclave 41, Michael Brandvold talks about which social networks you should be on.

Conclave Video


Duke Wright was the recipient of the 2016 Rockwell Award.  Here is the presentation to Mr. Wright at Conclave 41:



Conclave Video

Conclave 40 in 40 seconds: 2015 ROCKWELL RECIPIENTS

The Conclave celebrated its 40th anniversary with the 2015 Summer Learning Conference in Minneapolis July 16 & 17. Here are 40 seconds of highlights from that annual radio gathering including Rockwell Award Honorees Mary Quass, CEO/NRG Media and Dan Vallie, Pres/Co-Founder Vallie Richards Donovan Consulting.



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