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GETTING OUT OF 1985 WITH LEE ABRAMS  Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Wednesday January 12th, the Conclave presented its first webinar of 2011 - GETTING OUT OF 1985: LEE ABRAMS ON 2011 AND BEYOND, sponsored by Envision Radio Networks- at 2P CST. Said Lee, "It's not 1985, 1995 or even 2005 anymore - it's 2011. As the signs point toward a slowly improving economy, will the tendency for our industry to revert to old thinking further stall our comeback?"  Lee Abrams was our presenter for the first Conclave Webinar of 2011, and we couldn't have been prouder to have one of our industry's greatest thinkers assess the landscape of our media and culture and not just offer mere predictions on the year ahead, but food for thought on how to adjust your stance on the many issues that need immediate attention!  You can still witness this incredible webinar to gain new inspiration, insight and energy to face the future!

COMMUNITY & THE SOCIAL MEDIA EQUATION  Wednesday, January 24, 2011

Social Media burst through in 2010 as a preeminent communicative technology, unlike any we've witnessed in recent history. Author Eve Mayer Orsburn presented a stimulating Conclave webinar addressing the right balance of communication through social media - COMMUNITY & THE SOCIAL MEDIA EQUATION - on Wednesday, 1/26. Eve Mayer Orsburn is CEO of Social Media Delivered, a social media company that leverages the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Facebook with proven strategies. Over 40,000 people connect with Eve for expertise on using social media explained in a way they can actually understand. She is interviewed often on media like CNN Radio and and was selected as one of the 100 most influential people online by Fast Company Magazine. Social Media Delivered is one of the largest companies focused solely on social media optimization, based in Dallas, Texas and Paris, France with Client Advocates in the US, Canada and Europe serving clients Worldwide. Eve is the author of the book Social Media for the CEO and speaks to groups large via tv, radio, webinar or in person on a variety of social media subjects.

DO YOU KNOW YOUR BRAND? with Robert Lawrence/President-CEO, Pinnacle Media  Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DO YOU KNOW YOUR BRAND? with Robert Lawrence provided an in-depth look into what truly defines a brand, how to identify your own unique brand and what makes an iconic brand. This one hour webinar explored some of the differences between a product and brand and how to develop marriage-like brands. A brand is more than just a logo or a website - discover how to create a new one, enhance an existing one and how interactive and social media assists in brand development. Along with numerous large and major market programming successes, Robert Lawrence has spent the last 30+ years developing and perfecting the integration of advanced interactive research methods for radio, Television, talent coaching, ad spot testing, content analysis, trial and jury research, and political analysis. Bob's wealth of experience has been a tremendous catalyst that helped launch PMW's most technologically advanced methodologies into its current position of global leadership in Research, Marketing, and Branding. Pinnacle Media Worldwide is partnered with clients from dozens of countries, across several continents, who continue to develop and grow into highly successful, fully monetized, interactive portals of information. 
JOX TO VOX VOICEOVER WORKSHOP #3  Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On Wednesday, February 23rd , the third in our series of webinars dedicated to voiceover work and voice acting took place: Jox To Vox Voiceover Workshop #3! This webinar featured Robin MarshallRich Van Slyke and our gear guru Emmett Andrews of Our experts began the discussion with their view of the external voiceover business in 2011, their experiences and their advice for your success.  They covered everything from talent tips to Ted Williams, and the exposure his story gave to the world of voiceover, for good or bad.

MORNING RADIO REVISITED with Tracy Johnson  Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life is hard. Being an air talent - especially one receiving no direction - can even be harder. Our industry seems to have gotten far too busy to take time to nurture air talent, and the result hasn’t been pretty as live air shifts continue to disappear in favor of out-of-market programming. But all is not lost!  Veteran radio programmer and executive Tracy Johnson conducted this special Conclave Webinar – MORNING RADIO REVISITED – based on his new book of the same name. This webinar helped air personalities, talent coaches and program directors understand and target an audience, while explaining how to design a strategy to appeal to that audience, creating relatable characters, manage on-air roles, and score with listeners on an emotional level.

AIRCHECK SESSION LIVE with Gary Bryan & JJ Kincaid, presented by Envision Radio Networks  Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On March 23rd, the Conclave introduced a new concept to our webinar series – “AIRCHECK SESSION LIVE” - presented by Envision Radio Networks. This webinar featured 5 live critiques of 5 air talent’s airchecks, reviewed by our special guests GARY BRYAN, morning man of K-EARTH 101 in Los Angeles, and JJ KINCAID, afternooner at Z100 in New York, followed by a lively Q+A session.


SECRETS COMMERCIAL RADIO AND NON-COMMS KEEP FROM EACH OTHER - a one hour Conclave webinar was held on Wednesday. It featured an intriguing discussion comparing and contrasting the non-commercial or public stations with commercial stations.  Our guests had extensive experience in both commercial and non-commercial radio: Jim McGuinn, PD of Minnesota Public Radio's "The Current" - KCMP/Minneapolis...Brad Savage, PD of Saga Communications' "The Corner" - WCNR/Charlottesville...Ron Gerber, Show Host (Crap from The Past) on Fresh Air, Incorporated's KFAI/Minneapolis.. 


Why would you want to buy someone else's debt?  What is a senior subordinated note?  These days, we all hear and read about some pretty exotic financial instruments that are used in conjunction with normal corporate financing and the buying and selling of radio stations and groups.  What does it all mean? Legendary broadcaster and broker Gary Stevens clarified the meanings of many kinds of techniques and devices used to fund these upper level transactions during THE BROKER'S GLOSSARY on Wednesday April 20th. Conclave webinar #52 provided interesting information on high finance, and stories from Gary's life on the air as a WMCA "Good Guy", as a station manager and Corporate President (Doubleday) and as a broker responsible for the sale of over $3 Billion dollars worth of radio stations during the consolidation era.

HOW TO SURVIVE THE FUTURE OF BROADCAST, presented by Virtual News Center!  Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It’s a new brand world for traditional broadcast media. Some believe the entertainment and advertising worlds must converge to survive.   Others see ratings and demos giving way to new nonstandard ROI metrics. Both are right. You learned why during HOW TO SURVIVE THE FUTURE  OF BROADCAST with veteran broadcast manager and Chief Brandwidth Strategist Kipper McGee, presented Wednesday May 4th. This webinar is proudly sponsored by Virtual News Center, America's LOCAL Newsroom!  In this webinar, Kipper shared insights on how your radio station(s) can continue to be brilliant at the basics while preparing for continued relevance to current and future media consumers.  You saw how some 'today tweaks' on basic programming tips can give you an untold advantage in keeping your station brand(s) "top of mind”.   You discovered how to be web-wise OR dollar foolish, with tips to improve audience loyalty and revenues from all of your station-branded distribution platforms.   This webinar was jam-packed with information you can put to work the same day.

FORMAT WARS! Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In a unique webinar held Wednesday May 18th that was as much a workshop as an Internet presentation, FORMAT WARS become a programming and research session using the tools of Nielsen BDSradio along with Excel, calculators and T-squares examining competitive battles and programming strategies in play today. With several stations programming a similar library, does any station have their own music identify? Can a station effectively establish a unique music profile? How have key format evolved over the past decade? Stephanie FriedmanAndrew Forsyth and Raphael George answered those questions and more, increasing radio IQ's through this examination of programming metrics such as library size, rotation, dayparting, duplication and more. 

THE SOCIAL HABIT II, presented by Envision Radio Networks & Arbitron  Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On Wednesday, June 8 at 2P CT, The Conclave presented a webinar presenting new, unreleased data for 2011 on America's adoption of social networking sites and services, It will include a detailed look at Facebook and Twitter usage, mobile social behavior, and location-based apps and services. Tom Webster's THE SOCIAL HABIT II was presented by Envision Radio Networks & Arbitron. Noted industry analyst Tom Webster of Edison Research guided you through new data on social networking, location-based services and mobile behaviors from recent studies conducted by Edison Research and Arbitron, longtime leaders in analyzing the usage and consumption patterns of various media among all consumers. Attendees learned how the changes in mainstream adoption and usage of social media would impact the future of content creation and distribution, and in particular, they learned how these changes are happening in our increasingly mobile environment. 

COMMUNICATING BEYOND RADIO  Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Conclave webinar #56 was our "season finale" prior to the Summer Learning Conference.  Noted broadcast guru, Valerie Geller presented COMMUNICATING BEYOND RADIO!  In it, she asked: Are you communicating powerfully in the digital world? In this session she taught techniques to help work across multiple platforms to get, keep and grow an audience. Broadcast Consultant and talent trainer Valerie Geller offered proven techniques to engage listeners no matter the medium - based on methods in the NEW book from Focal Press: "Beyond Powerful Radio - A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age"

THE ABC'S OF MSCORE, presented by RCS!  Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clear Channel’s SVP for Research Development Gary Marince and RCS Media Monitors President and CEO Philippe Generali presented the 1st webinar of the new season - THE ABC'S OF MSCORE -  sponsored by RCS. In it, attendees learned how to better analyze ratings, and how you can overlay each broadcast  moment with actual ratings information. Know what your audience is all about with the RCS/Media Monitors’ programming analysis toolkit:  Audience Reaction and Mscore. Get all the inside information on Audience Reaction, Mscore, Audience Migration and how this data can affect your programming decisions.


The holiday season began on Wednesday October 12 with “Revealing Holiday Music Secrets Using BDSradio,  sponsored by Envision Radio Networks.  As the calendar turns to Fall, programmers are gearing up to unleash the full power of their Holiday music catalog to produce another winning winter book. But before you make that hot chocolate and comb through your library, listen to this webinar and get a jump on the competition in preparing this potent holiday programming feature for your station. BDS' Andrew Forsyth examines trends from previous seasons to see how top stations manage their holiday rotations to generate big ratings. With tools found exclusively in BDSradio, Forsyth & Adam Foster analyze shifts to holiday music, the most popular titles, stations’ library size and more in this information-packed webinar.

WHAT'S NEXT! WEBINAR #1: PREPARED TO BE HIRED with Media Staffing Networks Laurie Kahn, presented by ENVISION RADIO NETWORKS!  Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Conclave presents a series of FREE webinars designed to help you enhance your worth and prepare for your next position. Whether you've been “riffed” to the side of the road or you want to learn what skills you need to advance in today’s changing radio world, we encourage you to join us. On Wednesday, November 16th at 1PM CT, the first in the series was presented: PREPARED TO BE HIRED, Media Staffing Network President and Founder Laurie Kahn - sponsored by ENVISION RADIO NETWORKS. For a synopsis of this important webinar, contributed by Pam Muldoon/Next Stage Media Group, click HERE.

WHAT NEXT? WEBINAR #2: CHARTING A NEW COURSE - A TOP TEN LIST with Tom Livingston (Sponsored by ENVISION RADIO NETWORKS)!  Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TThe Conclave's webinar series - WHAT'S NEXT? A JOB SEARCH WEBINAR SERIES FOR RADIO PROFESSIONALS - continued on Wednesday, November 11th with  CHARTING A NEW COURSE:  A TOP 10 LIST with Tom Livingston. The webinar was sponsored by ENVISION RADIO NETWORKS. People in the radio and music industry LOVE the charts, so the second presentation in WHAT'S NEXT? A JOB SEARCH WEBINAR SERIES FOR RADIO PROFESSIONALS is an easy concept to grasp - the Top Ten things you should or should not do with regard to getting your next position, from creating the resume to networking to the interview itself.  TOM LIVINGSTON of Livingston Associates will present this special webinar. ABOUT TOM LIVINGSTON: Tom is a public media pioneer, leader and consultant with 35 years of success at the local and national level. His company, Livingston Associates, has provided executive search and consulting services to more than 150 public media clients including National Public Radio, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and local stations, with services including executive search, strategy, facilitation and professional coaching. Livingston served two terms as Vice Chairman of the National Public Radio Board of Directors, and over the course of 21 years managed three different public radio organizations including WETA in Washington, DC. He also served as Executive Director for Eastern Public Radio, and Vice President, Executive Search for Transformations Consulting Group.Livingston is a certified Myers-Briggs trainer (Otto Kroeger Associates) and a certified coach (Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation). He is a board member of the Public Broadcasters Management Association (PBMA).  


Part  Three of WHAT NEXT- THE CONCLAVE JOB SEARCH WEBINAR SERIES: 5 Ways Social Networking Can Assist Your Job Search - was held on Wednesday, December 14th, sponsored by ENVISION  RADIO NETWORKSJacobs Media Director Of  Digital and Social Strategies Lori Lewis laid out ways to pull hiring managers into your  social space to increase your opportunity for  that next job. "While looking for a job always has its challenges, today's technology  also opens up better lines of communication and  opportunities to help you stand out. So, make  sure you're not misusing this new technology,"  cautions Lewis. “First impressions are being  formed online before resumes are being read.”  Participants not only learned 5 ways to increase your chances of landing that new  position, but they also learned of the most common  things that potential employers look for in  social media profiles that could stop your search dead in its tracks, and the most common things in profiles that can reflect positively  on you and your efforts.


WHAT NEXT? WEBINAR #4: HOW TO INITIATE & CONDUCT A SUCCESSFUL JOB SEARCH with Robert McDonnell (Sponsored by ENVISION RADIO NETWORKS)!  Wednesday, January 11, 2012 

The Conclave's webinar series - WHAT'S NEXT? A JOB SEARCH WEBINAR SERIES FOR RADIO PROFESSIONALS - concluded on Wednesday, January 11th with HOW TO INITIATE & CONDUCT A SUCCESSFUL JOB SEARCH with Robert McDonnell! Too many job seekers rely on outdated information, methods, and documentation when trying to create a professional image. Presenter Robert McDonnell shared proper networking techniques, appropriate resume presentations, interview preparation, and some important do’s and don’ts for a difficult job market. Robert McDonnell was a Regional Director for the largest resume writing service in the United states, and co-author of their manual.  He has trained professional resume writers at over 500 offices. The webinar was sponsored by ENVISION RADIO NETWORKS

THE RULES OF RADIO, PART 2 with Gregg Skall!  Wednesday, February 29, 2012 

RULES OF RADIO WEBINAR RETURNS! Last year, the Conclave presented THE RULES OF RADIO, PART 1 covering a broad array of legal issues that radio stations must adhere to in order to protect the license. On Wednesday, February 29th, the Conclave presented our second brush with the law, drilling down into the important issues present in any national election year. The presenter of THE RULES OF RADIO, PART 2 was Gregg Skall of Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge and Rice, based in Washington, DC. Gregg's webinar covered FCC rules that relate to the appearances of political candidates on broadcasting media and its use by them to advance their candidacy. He also touched on: who is a legally recognized candidate by the FCC and when must a broadcast station or cable system provide access to the candidate. What are the options available to candidates once their opposing candidate appears on the station, what qualifies as an appearance against which they may have rights and how must they exercise them? In addition, there was discussion related to the maintenance of the station’s public file and of course. A lively Q&A with Gregg highlighted the webinar. 

THE RULES OF RADIO, PART 3 - EEO! with Gregg Skall & Lisa Fields, presented by Broadcast1Source!  Wednesday, April 25, 2012 

THE RULES OF RADIO #3 - EEO WITH GREGG SKALL & LISA FIELDS - powered by Broadcast1Source! This webinar was the third in a series of Conclave webinars dealing with the "Rules of Radio” - laws and regulations every broadcaster should know about. In this installment, Gregg Skall of Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice/Washington, DC and Lisa Fields, VP/GM of Broadcast1Source, presented an overview of all-important EEO practices that should be well known and executed by every station executive…but many times, are not. And it is well known that EEO infractions, even unintentional ones, can be VERY costly to a license-holder. In addition, for those who might be looking for their next challenge, the material presented in this webinar gave an understanding of employment practices and HR issues that could help a job seeker navigate the hiring system of their next employer.  


According to Audience Development Group’s Brian Wright, “You need not affect your entire listening universe to have a universal affect on your ratings.” Brian presented an exclusive Conclave webinar May 9th, revealing a fresh, intelligent and logical way to look at ratings in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE – A NEW LOOK AT RATINGS. Whether the webinar attendee was in a PPM or Diary market, they learned novel ways to grow a measurable audience! 


On May 23rd, The Conclave presented FRED JACOBS with the results of TECHSURVEY 8, JACOBS MEDIA's industry-wide research study on North America's usage of digital technology and social media with TECHSURVEY 8. Fred showed how, through the results of the survey, technology altered radio's format landscape. TECHSURVEY 8 is comprised of data obtained from the largest radio study about tech ever conducted, involving 170 stations / 12 formats / 57,000 radio listeners!


While terrestrial radio, podcasts, or internet streams are not regulated in the same manner, there are common “best practices” that can not only help guide you to success, but protect you from legal exposure and expensive litigation. Gregg Skall of the law firm of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice presented a highly informational webinar, THE RULES OF RADIO, PART #4, on Thursday September 27. He went beyond the FCC, alerting participants to areas of concern at other agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission & the potential pitfalls that exist in their regulations. He shared basic and updated rules regarding obscenity/indecency, hoaxes, broadcasting phone calls, rules regarding endorsements and testimonials, etc. 


THE RULES OF  RADIO #5 with Gregg Skall of the law firm of Womble Carlyle SandridgeRice looked at what is happening in the final weeks before the election, observing some unique issues that radio needed to be aware of. It examined some of the  types of advertisements that have drawn  attention from the FC and  reviewed the standards broadcasters need to employ to demonstrate the exercise of responsible  advertising policies. Other topics covered: alcohol and tobacco advertising, issues relating to online, internet based gaming, casino advertising, station contests, and more.


“The Essence of the Moment” with PAIGE NEINABER was an extraordinary webinar, full of fun...a totally unpredictable romp with the VP of Fun & Games for New World Communications, Paige Neinaber! Webinar attendees were taught how to get stuff DONE! With so many people being pulled in so many directions the immediacy of getting stuff up on the site and other fundamentals has gotten lost in the madness. Even worse, with initiatives and with other pressing demands, basic Radio - like reacting to disasters and topical local stories - has been pushed to the sidelines. Things that people would have gotten fired for missing in 2005 are just a shrugged off with a “Well, that’s just the reality here at (station).” “The Essence Of The Moment” touched on ways to acknowledge and react to these spontaneous events. Attendees were also instructed how to create structures and systems for insuring that things happen in a timely manner.



If you lost your position in our industry at some point in 2012, you know it’s time to look forward to the future and jump in to job search mode. The Conclave proudly presented its 70th webinar:  “Using Social Media To Get Hired, v.2013” with Jacobs Media Director Of Digital and Social Strategies Lori Lewis on Wednesday January 9th. In it, you were able to learn the things you can do within the social media space to help you get to your next challenge.  Not looking for a gig?  This webinar was for you, as well!!    Lori gave recommendations to engage hiring managers into your social media circle to increase your opportunity for that next job.    "While looking for a job always has its challenges, today's technology also opens up better lines of communication and opportunities to help you stand out. Make sure you're not misusing this new technology," cautions Lewis. “First impressions are being formed online before resumes are being read.”   In this webinar you learned five ways to help increase your chances of landing that new position. Also the content that potential employers look for in your social media profile that could stop your job chances dead in its tracks, along with profile postings that reflect positively on you.    Webinar participants picked up new information and a completely up to the moment evaluation of the social media sphere, and techniques for you to properly utilize it.    A question and answer session followed the presentation.   


This CONCLAVE WEBINAR presented the results of the largest radio tech survey ever conducted: JACOBS MEDIA's TECHSURVEY 9 with FRED JACOBS, Crunching data obtained from 264 participating stations covering 12 radio formats and with 78,111 radio listeners in the study spanning four generations, this very special presentation brought into focus the questions and answers to many pressing issues facing the industry that delivers America's audio content and entertainment. In Jacobs Media’s new study of core radio listeners, the high-tech revolution continues – but broadcast radio’s pathway to success may turn out to be more high-touch. The media habits of twelve different format core audiences are examined in the largest technology survey ever conducted for radio. And this year, the study utilized four generations to tell a deeper story about media and technology use. From Baby Boomers through Generations X, Y, and Z, the narrative about radio and how millions of Americans use and connect with it comes to life. According to Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs, “Techsurvey9 shows that while gadgets and new media continue to occupy the headlines, radio’s ability to uniquely connect with consumers on their preferred platforms is the secret sauce for future success in the digital space


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