#Conclave44 Agenda


As The Conclave Board gets busy on another exciting agenda, here is a small fraction of takeaways and camaraderie experienced at #Conclave43


It’s empowering to watch our industry support Conclave.

We get to see one another face-to-face; learn and grow as a business. Getting out and away from the office or control room to do a refine and reset for our stations (and for us personally) is important.

For more on Conclave43:

James Berry recapped the excellent Steve Reynolds acronym, FAIR.

Jacobs Media expanded on their “jump into the fire” line they share with us.

Perry Michael Simon wrote a great piece on lessons taught and learned.

Jason Barrett did an excellent job capturing the keynote panel in his blog.

Logan Anderson also did a great job with his recap here.

Registration for #Conclave44 is only $199 for a limited time. Register here!