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Conclave-A Brief History

Born as “The Upper Midwest Communications Conclave”, the organization was founded in 1976 as a regional gathering of communications professionals. It was incorporated as a 501c-3 non-profit entity in 1985. Throughout the years, the Conclave’s yearly Learning Conference has grown to attract many from beyond its original Midwest boundaries, and as such, is now known simply as the Conclave.

The Conclave is governed by a Board of Directors and employs an Executive Director to coordinate the Conclave and exercise the dictates of the Board. The Conclave conducts seminars throughout the year in keeping with its mission statement, and makes available on an annual basis broadcasting school and baccalaureate scholarships.

The value of these scholarships approaches $50,000 this year and includes scholarships to Brown College of Minneapolis (The Dennis Becker Scholarship), Specs Howard School of Communication Arts in Detroit (The Bill Gavin Scholarship), and The McNally-Smith College in St. Paul. The Conclave offers two baccalaureate scholarships - The Doug Lee Memorial Scholarships - annually to students of accredited colleges and universities, this year provided by a generous grant from DMR. The Conclave also awards a scholarship to a student at Kean University/New Jersey - The Marc Birgir Memorial Scholarship.The Conclave administers the Rockwell Award, recognizing individuals who have contributed to the rich legacy of the industry in broadcasting, communicating and mentoring. In 2013, Rockwell Awards will be presented to esteemed country consultant Jaye Albright and to Conclave Executive Director Emeritus Tom Kay.

The Conclave has been made unique by design to accommodate, nurture and protect the special needs of the Conclave’s most important communications resource – YOU!

Conclave’s Mission

“Through education, the Conclave’s mission is to improve the quality of broadcasting and related industries so they may better serve the public interest.”

What about your mission? The mission of your radio station -as stated in your license- is to best serve the public interest. Not your company’s best interests. Not your label’s best interests. But the best interests of the real owner of your frequency- your public! That’s why the Conclave’s mission is to help you learn how to best serve the needs of your listeners. In return, you invest in your career just as much as you invest in your industry’s future. Consider it our common mission. It’s what the Conclave is all about.

How Do I Get To the Learning Conference, the Conclave's focal conference?

The Conclave is the best conference value in the industry. Shop the others and compare and you’ll be convinced that the Conclave is the ultimate educational destination for all industry professionals. The July learning conference is held yearly in Minneapolis. The agenda for the 2011 Learning Conference can be found HERE.

What can I Expect from the Learning Conference?

The Conclave Learning Conference draws radio and music industry professionals, students, teachers, promotion companies, suppliers, syndicators and free agents. The Conclave is proud to provide an all-inclusive setting regardless of job title or job status. The gathering generally attracts 500+ people who attend over 40 sessions with an all-star caliber faculty. Past faculty has included industry luminaries such as Rick Cummings, John Gehron, Elroy Smith, Doc Wynter, Carl Gardner, Lon Helton, Joel Raab, Mike McVay, Sam Weaver, Jay Meyers and Ginny Morris. Past Keynote presenters have included Alan Colmes, Mitch Albom, Jessie Ventura, Sam Donaldson, Ralph Nader, G. Gordon Liddy, Bob Costas and Mike Veeck. The Conclave also hosts performances from legendary artists like Willie Nelson, Def Leppard, Nickelback, Styx, Graham Nash, Roger McGuinn, Tantric, Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Amy Grant, Michael McDonald, Blue County and REO Speedwagon. Enough said – We’ll see you in Minneapolis!

Is the Learning Conference the only Conclave learning/teaching experience?

Absolutely not! In addition to the Learning Conference, the Conclave presents bi-monthly webinars on a variety of relevant topics, taught by leaders of our industry. Recordings of past webinars are available, as well. For details, click HERE

How can I get involved with the Conclave?

The first step toward stepping on board the Conclave as a volunteer is to become an Executive Committee member. ExComm members devote as much time as they have available to Conclave activities - agenda creation, marketing & promotion, web/Internet activities, mentoring, outreach, fundraising and scholarship. For more information, contact Bob Shannon, Conclave Executive Director, by clicking HERE.

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